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WOODBRIDGE, VIRGINIA, December 10th, 2021 –PR.COM – Social Skills Center is pleased to announce their online coaching program is now available to children and adults throughout the world including North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia. Located in Woodbridge, VA, Dr. Christopher Haley founded Social Skills Center 32 years ago to help children develop the essential life skills needed to have happy, stable relationships. His practice has grown from Dr. Haley offering only in-person visits to a staff of 6 coaches assisting patients around the world. Starting in May 2020, Dr. Haley shifted from in-person visits to visits via Zoom for the safety and convenience that online provides. Online group sessions have also been added. These allow children to thrive in a familiar and comfortable environment to learn new skills. 

Benefits of Social Skills Training

Social skills are essential life skills that need to be learned. These skills, which are part of one’s overall development, allow children to learn to live with others and adapt to a multitude of life situations. They include different components such as communication, emotional management, assertiveness, conflict resolution, collaboration, cooperation, planning skills and stress management. These skills strengthen their self-esteem and self-confidence so they can easily adapt to their social environments and establish positive relationships with other people. Therefore, their influence is significant not only in the purely social field (friendships, family relationships) but also in areas such as academics, the field of health, etc. 

With a firm belief that social skills development is key to one’s success in life, the team at Social Skills Center is committed to teaching these essential skills to children, teenagers and adults. The Social Skills Center aims to accomplish this through supportive online coaching programs. 

Dr. Christopher Haley is the owner of two private practices: Psychology and Life Skills Associates and The Social Skills Center for over 32 years.

For more information, visit SocialSkillsCenter.com 

Contact: DrHaley@SocialSkillsCenter.com | 1-571-285-1403 Ext. 1 


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