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Can an Introvert Be Social and How?

When most people hear the term “introvert,” they probably picture someone quiet who likes to spend their time alone outside of the social situation. But, the truth is that being an introvert does not mean that you don’t like spending time with others. In fact, introverts can have some of

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social skills training in children

The Social Skills Center Now Serving All Children Around the World

PRESS RELEASE WOODBRIDGE, VIRGINIA, December 10th, 2021 –PR.COM – Social Skills Center is pleased to announce their online coaching program is now available to children and adults throughout the world including North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia. Located in Woodbridge, VA, Dr. Christopher Haley founded Social Skills

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grief is affecting us socially

How Grief is Affecting Us Socially

Losing a loved one is never easy, and the sorrow of it is so strong that it has a special name: grief. Grief can be felt so deeply that it affects all parts of your life, from your daily routines to your sense of society. This latter effect can be

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How Our Brains Are Affected by a Smile

For all our focus on mental and physical well-being, we often overlook one of the most important things we can do to improve our lives: smile more. A smile, both from you and from others, is more than a superficial gesture. Research has shown that a smile can raise the

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social skills affect learning

How Do Social Skills Affect Learning?

Every parent knows that social skills are an invaluable part of their child’s development, but many are unaware of how valuable they are to education as well. Social skills are how we interact with others and are crucial to individuals’ ability to reach their personal and academic goals. These are

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social anxiety

How to Know if Your Child Has Social Anxiety

As children grow, they gradually become more aware of what people think of them. You may wonder if there is a social anxiety issue. There always seems to be a correct thing to say and do—as well as an incorrect choice. This idea that people may be paying attention to

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child anxiety

How to Encourage a Healthy Child With Anxiety

There are few things more distressing for parents than seeing their child struggle with anxiety. Though everyone has worries on occasion, when it becomes a constant problem, there is cause for concern. With your support, your child can get through this. Here are some ways you can help. Let Your

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