The Social Skills Center is always looking for outgoing, dynamic, socially-skilled coaches to join our growing coaching team. 

We are extremely selective when it comes to joining our team. Future coaches must possess a master’s or doctoral degree in psychology or a closely related-field. All coaches join us as Independent Contractors and receive a very competitive compensation. The Social Skills Center, along with Psychological and Life Skills Associates (our sister practice), has a 30+ year history of practice excellence.

Our clients enjoy the flexibility of meeting with us wherever they may be – at their home, their office, or even at their favorite vacation destination. As a coach, you will share this same flexibility. Coach from your home, coach from the beach, coach from wherever you may be at the moment.

If you’re interested in considering this opportunity, please contact Christopher Haley, Psy.D. at 571-285-1403 x 1 or DrHaley@SocialSkillsCenter.com.

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