Book and DVD

Book and DVD

Teach Social Skills to Children, Teens, and Adults

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Peer Process Social Skills Groups Video

With this video, the group process is “demystified,” as you are able to observe Dr. Haley facilitating Peer Process Social Skills Groups. See firsthand, from the developer of the technique, exactly how the groups are conducted. Just click on the play icon to start it. You can advance to different parts of the video and return to this page to watch again and again.

Developed for Clinical and Academic Settings

Social skills are the most important skills in life, yet very few professionals are familiar with the strategies necessary to teach these essential life skills. At The Social Skills Center of Woodbridge, social interaction training and communication skills improvement are our lifeblood. In our book, Peer Process Social Skills Groups, you will learn how to:

* Evaluate a patient’s social strengths and areas of needed growth

* Develop and facilitate groups in various settings

* Implement the Incidental Teaching approach to foster social skills

* Involve parents in teaching skills to their child

Peer Process Social Skills Groups (PPSSGs) are different than the traditional, manual-based methods that most facilitators implement. Rather than teaching the “skill-of-the-day” using an educational approach (which most group members do not respond to), PPSSGs allow for natural, flowing interactions among group members. Throughout the interactions, the therapist or school counselor is able to implement Incidental Teaching, in-the-moment, to teach a multitude of skills during any given session. Unlike structured groups, PPSSGs mimic real-life situations, and therefore the skills learned have a greater chance of being generalized into the member’s real-world experiences.

Companion Video Included with the Book

Most treatment manuals leave the reader thinking, “I understand the techniques, but what really occurs in the group?” With the video, the group process is “demystified,” as you are able to observe Dr. Haley facilitating Peer Process Social Skills Groups. The 67 page book is a “quick-read” that offers therapists and school counselors an introduction to facilitating groups in their particular setting. The 30 minute video contains 13 vignettes of potential scenarios that a facilitator will likely experience when leading a PPSG.

General Information and Support

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to The Social Skills Center of Woodbridge. Social interaction and communication skill improvement are important for all of us, We are here to support you! Please contact Dr. Haley at drhaley@socialskillscenter.com or (571) 285-1403 x 1.

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