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We all need to be social

Let's be social together. Our goal is to teach these skills in a supportive and nurturing environment, with the expectation that the skills will be generalized to real-world experiences and relationships.

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Welcome to our online social skills training program! The Social Skills Center of Woodbridge’s social skills therapy online sessions and communication training for individuals and groups have been provided for kids, teens, and adults who mostly live in Washington, DC and Northern Virginia. We’ve helped thousands of our clients improve their life skills. This is the reason we’ve decided to take our services online.

We are now equipped to facilitate individual and group social skills therapy online using Zoom. It’s a widely-used video conferencing platform that is also compliant with HIPAA standards. With our online service, you and your loved ones can participate in our sessions from the comfort of your home or office – anywhere in the state of Virginia.

We’ve been teaching social skills for over two decades, and The Social Skills Center of Woodbridge’s social skills therapy online sessions have helped countless kids, teens and adults improve their communication skills. The most important thing we’ve learned from it is that one’s connection with others is the most important thing for our participants. Our previous members feel that they’re a part of something, and they’re getting unconditional acceptance from their peers. Learn these vital social skills online with our interpersonal communication sessions today.

Feeling connected with others can also help facilitate:


Lower rates of anxiety and depression

Self Esteem

Higher Self-Esteem

Empathy Skill

Greater Empathy for Others

Helping Others

Being Supported and Valued by Those Around You

Success in Career

Success in One's Career

Family Relationships

Better Family Relationships

Who is appropriate for our online services?

Anyone who is 8 years-old or older, including adults. We have found that therapy sessions with kids 7 and under are less productive. If your child is 7 or under, we prefer to meet with the parent(s) directly and focus on parenting techniques to enhance your child’s social skills. We also have several clients who are adults and older-adults as well.

For those interested in group, our participants must have the ability to listen and settle for the duration of the group. Unfortunately, those that are unable to do this become a distraction for the other group members and take away from the group process. Soon we will be starting online groups that focus specifically on listening and settling skills. So, please contact us anyway if your child falls into this category.

How to start our online individual psychotherapy program:

Just contact Dr. Haley at 571-285-1403, Ext. 1 or DrHaley@SocialSkillsCenter.com. Dr. Haley will schedule time for a FREE 15-minute telephone consultation to learn about you or your child’s current situation and needs. Options will be discussed and a plan will then be developed for future online appointments.

How to start our online group psychotherapy program:

Please contact Dr. Haley at 571-285-1403 Ext. 1 or DrHaley@SocialSkillsCenter.com. Dr. Haley will schedule time for a FREE 15-minute telephone consultation to learn about the potential group member’s specific situation and answer any questions that you may have. It is important to know that we always match group members both by age and level of functioning. This is necessary in order to have a positive group experience for all those involved.

We will then set up a time for an initial 50-minute intake appointment with the therapist who is facilitating your or your child’s group. In this Zoom meeting, the therapist will be asking several questions to learn more about the incoming group member’s strengths and areas of needed social growth. If the incoming member is a minor it is best to have him/her and at least one parent/guardian present for this meeting.

Your therapist will then schedule 1 or 2 individual Zoom sessions with the incoming group member to develop rapport with the individual and ask additional questions to determine which group will be the best match. The therapist will review expectations and clarify goals, answer questions, and share the day and time of the group that is the best match.

It’s time to start the group!

If the group member is a minor, we will also schedule regular “parent meetings” with his or her parent(s). The purpose of a parent meeting is to get updates on how the child is functioning in the “real world,” discuss how the child is doing in group, share parenting techniques to help reinforce skills taught in the group, and plan goals for future groups.


Live outside of the Northern VA / Washington DC Area?


The Social Skills Center of Woodbridge’s social skills therapy online sessions are available if you live outside our area. We use Zoom, a HIPAA-compliant video conferencing platform.


We also proudly serve Charlottesville, Norfolk, Fredericksburg, Roanoke, Richmond, Virginia Beach, Fairfax, Dale City, and Annandale


Costs for our online programs

  1. Start with a FREE 15-minute phone/Zoom consultation with Dr. Haley. 

  2. Initial 50-minute intake appointment – $175

  3. Each 50-minute individual/family therapy session (including group “prep” sessions to develop a positive relationship with the client, determine social strengths and areas of needed growth, and assess for the best group match) – $150

  4. Each 50-minute Social Skills group – $75

Please note: You will be required to put your credit card on file with us. Your card will be charged after completion of each session. WE ARE PROVIDERS FOR SOME HEALTH INSURANCES! Contact the office for more information.

Additional questions? Feel free to contact Dr. Haley at 571-285-1403 Ext. 1 or DrHaley@SocialSkillsCenter.com

Additional questions? Feel free to contact Dr. Haley.

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