Pricing for Online Coaching Programs

Individual and Group Session Pricing for Social Skills Coaching

  1. Start with a FREE 15-minute phone/Zoom consultation discussing your social skills goals with Dr. Haley. 

  2. Initial 50-minute intake appointment – $99

  3. Each 50-minute individual coaching session (including group “prep” sessions to develop a positive relationship with the client, determine social strengths and areas of needed growth, and assess for the best group match) – $99

  4. Each 50-minute Social Skills group – $39

Please note: You will be required to put your credit card on file with us. Your card will be charged after the completion of each social skills coaching session. Also, like other offices, we have a strict no-show/late cancellation policy. Please see the initial intake paperwork for details.  

Additional questions? Feel free to contact Dr. Haley at 571-285-1403 Ext. 1 or DrHaley@SocialSkillsCenter.com

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