Social Skills Training for Adults

At the Social Skills Center, we’re firm believers that social skills are the most important skills in one's life - and are even more important than school grades! Great communicators and exceptional listeners have a strong likelihood of being successful, regardless of how far they went in school or what their profession might be.

Our clinicians are led by Dr. Christopher Haley, a licensed clinical psychologist with more than 25 years of experience helping children, adolescents, and adults learn essential social skills.  Our social skills training can help adults with social anxiety, depression, AD/HD, and those on the spectrum live more social and fulfilling lives. 

Our online social skills program has a wide variety of proven benefits for our adult participants, including adults with autism searching for “social skills groups for autism near me.” Let’s learn more about how the group sessions work for our adult social skills training classes.

The Advantages of Social Skills Training
for Adults

As a participant in one of our social skills groups,
you may experience the following benefits:

Handle Everyday Interactions Better

You are probably wondering how to develop social skills in adults, and our social groups can help develop social skills for adults in a number of ways. So, if you have been looking for “social groups for adults near me” or “autism social skills adults,our social skills groups are for you. We’ll help you to improve your communication skills, including the way you initiate and maintain conversations as well as how to handle conflicts with your peers and colleagues. Practicing these skills with others, such as maintaining proper eye contact and asking open-ended questions can help people with autism and people with Asperger’s syndrome learn how to improve their social behavior around others. It can also increase your desire to participate in social interactions. During our social skills training classes for adults, each participant works with fellow group members to improve their understanding of others’ perspectives, reading other peoples’ reactions, body language, increasing their emotional intelligence, and more. This has real-life benefits when it comes to problem solving and handling real world interactions, especially for people on the spectrum of autism. Although many people can benefit from social skills training, autism can make this training even more important.

Find Understanding

We all have our social stories and often for those of us that struggle with social situations, this is marked with negative experiences where we face rejection by others. Our sessions place you into a group with peers who accept and understand you unconditionally. We provide a safe space for you to express your feelings and emotions. By the end of each meeting, you’ll likely find a new acquaintance. So, if you’ve been wondering how to improve social skills as an adult, our group sessions could be of significant assistance to you.

Become More Confident

The Social Skills Center team also pushes you to become more confident in your ability to communicate and interact with others. You’ll soon be starting conversations and engaging in small talk when you meet new people and practicing the active listening and nonverbal communication skills you learned in your social skills training group. These are important skills for everyone, but can be more difficult to acquire for those on the autism spectrum or with Asperger’s syndrome. Our social skills training can help individuals with autism spectrum disorders searching for “autism social skills groups near me” to improve their social skills, including practicing appropriate body language and facial expressions and better understanding social cues. The clinicians and your fellow group members encourage you to practice your new-found social skills not only within the group but also in the real world at home, at work, and in social situations, whether you’re at a large party or a small book club meeting. These sessions can help anyone, including teens and young adults, interested in learning new social skills or improving their current skills and is more effective than just life coaching or a therapy session alone. It also offers immediate real world benefits.

Overcome Social Anxiety and Depression

Social anxiety and depression are issues addressed by our social skills training classes for adults. These can negatively affect your ability to interact with other people both in-person and through other channels such as social media. Social anxiety may make you uncomfortable when talking to others or saying how you feel. We’ll help you overcome those problems by teaching you how to express yourself effectively and empathize with others.

Steps to Join Our Group Sessions

Being part of our group program only takes
a few steps. Here’s how it works.

1. We determine if our program is a good match for you

To start, click on the Get Signed Up tab and follow the instructions there. We want to verify that you would be a solid match for our group program.

2. Intake Appointment

Next, we’ll schedule a time to meet with one of our clinicians. They’ll facilitate the initial intake appointment. This 30-minute session assesses your social strengths and areas that need improvement form a social skills standpoint. This way, we know more about your personality and how to communicate with you effectively during your sessions with us.

3. Start of Group Sessions

The next session will be with the group. The groups meet weekly at at set day and time, typically during after-school and after-work hours. We always match our group members by both age AND level of functioning.

Why Choose The Social Skills Center?

We’ve been providing individual and group social skills training for adults for over 20 years. Here’s why you should choose us!

Our Owner has
Decades of Experience

Our clinicians are led by Dr. Christopher Haley, a licensed clinical psychologist with over 25 years of field experience. Throughout his career, his primary focus has been helping children, teens, and adults improve their social skills.

Convenient Access
of Services

We facilitate our online adult social skills training sessions via Zoom, a HIPAA-compliant video conferencing platform that’s free to use and available across multiple devices. 

Expert Team
of Clinicians

All of our clinicians have either a master’s or doctoral degree. They all are specialists in teaching social skills using our one-of-kind program.

Get Professional Social Skills Services

The Social Skills Center is open to anyone who wants to improve how they interact with others. Our team is composed of expert social skills clinicians, so you can expect significant improvements after participating in our program.

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