Social Skills Training for Children

Our team also offers social skills group coaching for kids. Learning social skills at an early age is vital to a child's ability to create and maintain positive relationships throughout his, her, or their life. We facilitate our group coaching services through Zoom, a widely-used and HIPAA-compliant video conferencing platform.

We work closely with parents to improve their child’s social skills. Learn the benefits and process of group social skills training for children, both online and in-person.

The Advantages of Social Skills Coaching
for Kids

Social skills group training has a wide variety of benefits
for children, including:

Improved Conversational

If your child has trouble communicating how they feel or simply speaking with their friends, this is the training program for them. We’ll teach your child how to start and maintain conversations, respond to what other people say, and call for help when they need it.

Enhanced Empathy
for Others

Empathy, or the ability to share and understand other peoples’ emotions, is a vital skill to have in every part of one’s life. It helps your child regulate their emotions and provide helpful responses to the people they talk to. Our coaches offer exercises and techniques to assist your child in improving the ability to read others’ emotions and how to react to them properly.

Better Mental Health Management

Mental health conditions like social anxiety may prevent your child from talking with others because of a fear of being judged. We provide a safe space for your child at The Social Skills Center. Our coaches make sure that group members accept and understand each other unconditionally. They’ll also teach techniques to help manage and overcome symptoms related to your child’s unique challenges.

Why Choose The Social Skills Center?

We’ve helped thousands of clients improve their social skills.

Here is why parents continue to choose our services for their kids and teens, and why you should, too!

1. Seasoned Staff  

We have over two decades of experience in helping children, adolescents, and adults improve their social skills. Plus, our coaches are trained and led by Dr. Christopher Haley, a licensed clinical psychologist that organizes and facilitates 12 social skills groups every week.

2. Free Phone Consultation

We understand that you want to know all about our process and how we’ll train your child. As such, we provide each client with a free 15-minute initial consultation with Dr. Haley himself.

3. Expert Coaching, Wherever You Are

For over 20 years we have provided our social skills coaching services in-person at our offices in Oakton, Woodbridge, and Fredericksburg, Virginia. We now offer online social skills coaching for children through the Zoom video conferencing platform. This allows your child to participate in group social skills training, wherever you are in the world.

Equip Your Child With Essential Social Skills

The Social Skills Center gives you or your loved ones the best chance of success in life through learning and developing excellent social skills. We offer individual and group social skills training programs for children. The groups are facilitated online through Zoom. Our founder, Dr. Christopher Haley, has over 25 years of experience in providing social skills classes and still facilitates group training to this day. You can expect nothing less than effective results from our program.

Email us today to start honing your social skills.

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