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5 Ways Parents Can Build Self-Esteem in Their Children

Positive self-esteem has proven to be a crucial component of childhood development. Children with a healthy sense of self-esteem tend to be more successful in school, more likely to reach personal goals, less likely to give into peer pressure, and better able to overcome problems they encounter. Overall, they are

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social skills for teens

Social Skills “Red Flags” for Teens

Are you seeing some social skills “red flags” in your teens? Successfully helping your child navigate their teenager years is one of greatest challenges of being a parent. There are so many things to worry about. How are they doing in school? Is their social circle exerting a positive or

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elementary schoolers

Social Skills “Red-Flags” for Elementary Schoolers

Good social skills are crucial throughout life. The development of these skills begins early in life. The social skills children cultivate in elementary school play a key role in helping them succeed emotionally, socially, and even academically. As a parent, we know our children aren’t perfect, but it can be

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red-flags for pre-schoolers

Social Skills “Red-Flags” for Preschoolers

Is your child on pace, lagging a little or in danger? Below are a few red flags that indicate your preschooler may be struggling with social skills and need additional help. As children move from toddler to preschooler age, most seem to naturally develop social skills. They learn to play

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Why the Definition of “Friendship” has Changed?

Back in the day, your friend was someone in the neighborhood, a classmate or someone you saw (in person) on a regular basis. You passed notes in class, had sleepovers, and hoped you didn’t get a busy signal when you called them on their landline to make plans. You shared

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seek professional help

When Is It Time to Seek Professional Help for My Child?

Is it time to seek professional help for your child’s social skill issues? Parenting isn’t easy. Being responsible for the care and upbringing of another person can be overwhelming at times. Are you making the right decisions? Do you think it is time to seek professional help for your child?

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Passive-aggressive Personality

How to Deal with a Passive-Aggressive Personality at Work

Are you working with someone that is passive-aggressive at work? They’re sarcastic, known for snide comments, prone to procrastination and giving you the silent treatment when they’ve been “slighted.” These are all traits of a passive-aggressive coworker and working with them can be a real challenge. So, what can you

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