Social Skills Groups for Teens

If you find that your adolescent struggles with starting and maintaining conversations and/or empathizing with others, one of our many groups for social skills training may help him/her/them improve. We have excellent programs for the education and enrichment of relational skills. We provide group social skills training online using the Zoom video conference platform.

All our clinicians are guided by Dr. Christopher Haley, a licensed clinical psychologist with over two decades of experience in improving the social skills of children, teens, and adults. So, if you are looking for “improve social skills teenager” or  “teenage social groups near me,” we can help.

Our social skills training for teens has a wide range of benefits. Here’s what you need to know about our work.

Benefits of Group Social Skills Training
for Teenagers

Our social skills groups for teens will help develop the following in adolescents:

Easier Interactions

We understand how difficult it can be to interact with your peers, especially as a teenager. Our social clinicians care about teen social and emotional well-being. Our social skills training experts use proven techniques to help your teen with starting and maintaining conversations. Our teenage social groups also help your teen learn to read both verbal and non-verbal cues, as well as appreciate the perspectives of others, including family members. Improving social skills for teens can often make high school as well as other social situations in their lives much easier. But, although teen social skills are important, social skills for tweens can be equally important. So, we do offer social skills training for tweens, as well.

A Sense of Belonging

We put in the necessary time and effort to match every client with a group of teens that fit their personality. Our team ensures a safe space for your teen, where their peers understand and accept their feelings and emotions unconditionally. Supportive teenage social groups can be especially important when helping teens on the spectrum to learn social skills.

Better Self-Confidence

At The Social Skills Center, our clinicians and group members always encourage each other to use the social skills they learned in real life, whether at home, in school, or with friends. We always want to make sure that your teen is confident in their ability to talk and make friends with others. Even using social media can be easier for teens if they have more confidence.

Our Service Process

Enrolling your teen in one of our social skills groups only takes a few steps. Here’s how it works.

1. We determine if our program is a good fit for your teenager

To start, click on the Get Signed Up tab and follow the instructions listed there. We want to verify that your teen would be a solid match for our group program.

2. Intake Appointment

Once the initial paperwork is completed, we’ll move on to the intake appointment. This involves one of our clinicians meeting with you and your teen to assess social strengths and areas of recommended improvement. The intake appointment is approximately 30 minutes.   

3. Group Sessions

Your teen will be assigned to one of our social skills groups for teens that will meet weekly, always on the same day and at the same time. Groups are typically scheduled during after-school or weekend hours. Group sessions like these give kids, teens, and others a chance to practice their nonverbal communication skills, such as tone of voice and body language, as well as their verbal skills through role play, the use of social stories, or other techniques that will improve the social skills teens need.

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