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How Are Social Skills Affecting Your Mental Health?

The isolation associated with protecting ourselves from COVID-19 has been rough on many people’s mental health. Loneliness and depression are becoming more of a problem. But for those with poor social skills, this isolation may feel the same as their everyday reality as their lack of social skills generally causes them to experience less social acceptance.

If you find social situations awkward and have difficulty adapting socially, you may need help developing better social skills. Poor social skills tend to increase loneliness and stress and often lead to mental health problems such as depression and anxiety, so it’s worth the effort to improve them.

Signs You May Need Help for Your Mental Health

If you’re wondering whether you need help with your social skills, watch out for these signs. Do you have trouble getting to know new people? Do you find it difficult to stand up for yourself? Is it difficult for you to offer emotional support or reveal your personal information to others? If these skills are difficult for you, you may find it causes stress or loneliness, which can lead to depression as well as physical health problems such as heart disease and memory problems.

Technology and Social Skills

Changes in society have also increased this risk as people spend more time on electronic devices and less time with each other. If you spend a lot of time online, you may be more uncomfortable interacting with people face-to-face. This discomfort may cause you to avoid such interactions, leading to a further decline in social skills.

It’s possible you may not realize that this is a problem. After all, many people prefer to communicate electronically these days, and the same lack of social skills tends to cause a lack of social awareness. But if you suspect this is an issue for you, consult a professional, whether online or in person.

There Is Hope for your Mental Health

If you have a problem, help is available. With training, counseling, and therapy, social skills can be improved. Psychologists and therapists can help their patients realize their problems and develop social skills and the confidence to use them. You can find online as well as in-person options for help.


The pandemic has been hard on everyone’s mental health, but it has also revealed to many the importance of social interaction for physical and mental health. The skills necessary for such interaction play a crucial role in mental health as a whole. Although the issue of lacking social skills may only be growing, there is hope. If you or anyone you know needs help to build social skills and deal with feelings of anxiety, therapists can offer guidance, training, and reinforcement to help. Contact us today!

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